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Bride Interview with Ashley and The Cosmos
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“How long have you been doing what you do and how did you become a wedding band?”
      Since 2009, Ashley and The Cosmos has been performing together and focused their attention in the Indiana wedding music market and special events. We play over 50 wedding receptions and special events every year and have earned the title of “Best of Indiana Wedding Band” by The Knot for 2013 and 2014 which is voted on by brides. We have focused our music to play all of the best wedding dance hits. We feature songs by today artists such as Bruno Mars, Maroon 5, and Kesha as well as the familiar classic favorites of Michael Jackson, The Beatles, and Aretha Franklin. Our music is featured in creative medleys, mash-ups, and with seamless transitions, so reception guests immediately fill the dance floor and keep it filled all night long!
“We LOVE your wedding music services and your portfolio! Everything sounds FANTASTIC…so can you tell me what sets you apart from all the other wedding bands out there?”
1. Extraordinary Talent
Ashley and The Cosmos are comprised of some of the most talented Indiana musicians. Members of Ashley and The Cosmos have toured nationally and well as internationally with some of the most popular celebrity performers. Extraordinary talent and musicianship is seen in our repertoire, the performance of our medleys, sound management, and the lighting coordinated with our music.
2. Experience: We are Wedding Band Professionals, NOT a bar band!
Ashley and The Cosmos are considered wedding band professionals and perform 30+ wedding receptions each year. We are NOT a bar band that occasionally performs as a wedding band like most other groups! Second to wedding music, we perform for special events such as festivals, corporate events, and private parties. Once a month, Ashley  and The Cosmos perform at a local, established restaurant to allow friends, fans, and wedding couples to see us perform in a live, public setting.
3. Involvement in Indiana Wedding Market
As wedding music professionals, Ashley and The Cosmos are actively involved in the wedding market and continue to stay on top of all of the newest and latest trends. Extensive research is done in regards to our repertoire, our performance, and our show. We regularly attend wedding seminars, webinars, and special wedding vendor events to stay in touch with the newest and latest ideas in wedding music performance. We have performed in many of the most popular wedding reception venues and are also connected with multiple wedding vendors.
4. Private Consultations with a Female Who Understands!
Ashley and The Cosmos provide all our couples with an in-depth Reception Guide and schedules private wedding music consultations. Ashley works together with couples to coordinate the wedding music and emceeing for their special day so that they are actively involved in the wedding reception playlist. In working with Ashley, you are working with a female who understands the importance of the many different elements that go into making your wedding reception entertainment successful. Ashley understands the importance of communicating with the photographer to catch all the special moments, how to organize the wedding reception music so that your guests will get on the dance floor, how to communicate with the venue coordinator about special lighting, and much more!
5. Prompt communication and excellent organization
When planning such a big event, communication and organization is of utmost importance! Ashley and The Cosmos have received multiple compliments from many of their wedding couples and other vendors that Ashley is extremely prompt in communication and how much it is greatly appreciated. Ashley maintains excellent organization as well so that each and every detail of your wedding is highlighted the way that you want it!
“This all sounds so wonderful, but it also sounds expensive. Are we going to be able to afford this?”

            Yes! Many of our clients are shocked at how affordable we really are! We offer several different wedding music packages to fit several different budgets. From all-inclusive, all-day ceremony music and wedding reception  music packages to simple, basic limited packages, we offer different options to fit different wedding budgets.
“With whom do you work best?”

            We work best with the couples who are excited about having an extraordinary wedding band to get their guests up on the dance floor. We work best with couples who want guests to walk away from their wedding reception saying ‘they haven’t danced that much in years!’ We work best with couples who communicate their needs and desires and we have found that throughout the years of performing as a wedding band, we have stayed in touch with most of our couples and have made great friends out of our clients as well!
“Can we have a play or do not play list?”

            Yes. While we have a formula that we know works to get guests up and to the reception dance floor, we also work with every couple to customize their playlist for the evening and make sure that favorite songs are featured throughout the night as well as avoiding songs that are not favored. Our  wedding music packages also allow for the bride and groom to make special requests that are not on our current Master Songlist for the band members to learn prior to the wedding reception.
“What happens if a band member becomes ill?”

            While we have never had to cancel any wedding due to illnesses, we do have back-up players for every individual in the band that we keep up to speed on our show. If an individual player has an extreme emergency where they cannot attend the show, we always have a back-up player ready to step in on a moment’s notice.
“Will you work with the vendors I’ve already found or want to work with?”

            Absolutely! Having been in the wedding music industry for several years, we are actually familiar friends with many of the popular wedding vendors. Communication with other wedding vendors is actually very important to us to make sure that everything runs smoothly for the reception event. We also have resources and recommendations for couples who are still looking for wedding vendors.
“Can we see you perform live before booking?”

            We LOVE to have couples see us perform when we are playing public venues, however, because we play so many private events, we cannot guarantee or hold a date for a couple wanting to see us perform live before booking us for their wedding. We do, however, perform once a month at exclusively selected venues for the purpose of inviting couples and families out to see us in a live, public atmosphere. We also have MANY videos on our YouTube channel which feature us performing for other weddings.
“Do you take credit card and can we have a payment plan?”

            Yes, we do take credit card as well as PayPal. We have also worked with many couples to set up different payment plans that fit their needs!

"Do you have liability insurance?”

            If liability insurance is required, we can provide that to the venue as necessary.
“Do you take more than 1 wedding a day?”

            No, we do not take on more than one wedding a day. When you book Ashley and The Cosmos, we completely block off the entire day on our calendar for your event.
“This sounds like everything we’ve been looking for! What happens next to start the process?”

            “The next step is for you to call me at 317-418-3832, or you can email me at to set up your get acquainted complimentary consultation. I want to hear about your needs and see if we’re a good match and find out what wedding music package fits your personality and style best.
“May we contact some of your former clients to see what it’s like to work with you?”

            Yes! Absolutely! You can also look at our client testimonials here right now!
“We have a couple more questions before getting started. Can I call you to discuss further?”

            Yes. In fact, we highly encourage and require all of our clients to schedule a complimentary consultation so that we can get all your questions out of the way, answered, and make sure we are a great fit for one another. Again, please feel free to call me with any other questions you may have at 317-418-3832 or you can email me to discuss your needs and desires at



The fact is: 81% of reception guests say that entertainment is what they remember most about a wedding and 72% of brides say they should have spent more time choosing their reception entertainment.
(Source: Simmons, USA Today,  National Bridal Service, ; The Knot, Brides Magazine.) 

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